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How it all started

It all started when I was around 4 years old. My mom was a choir director and she told me to choose between singing or playing the drums like my big cousin Miguel. The drums were all the way in the back (I was a shy kid) and my cousin always looked super cool playing the drums. So that's what I chose! I've been playing the drums ever since. Drumming for me was just something I did, it was a part of my life like school, church, or basketball. I didn't take it seriously until my dad and I walked into a musician's disneyland aka Guitar Center and saw a video of this guy going HAM on the drums. Stick twirls, hitting cymbals behind his head and playing faster than I knew was possible. The drummer was the late great John Blackwell, the drummer for the legendary Prince. I didn't know anything about Prince, I just knew I wanted to play like that guy on the screen. My dad and I were both flabbergasted haha so he bought me the dvd and I was obsessed!


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